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Sherlock Holmes And The Jade Buddha

by Edward Lodi

About the Author: Edward Lodi has written more than 30 books, both fiction and nonfiction, including six Cranberry Country Mysteries. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in numerous magazines and journals, such as Mystery Magazine, and in anthologies published by Cemetery Dance, Murderous Ink, Main Street Rag, Rock Village Publishing, Superior Shores Press, and others. His story “Charnel House” was featured on Night Terrors Podcast.


More years than I care to remember have elapsed since I wrote down, for posterity, an account of the strange occurrences surrounding my friend Mr. Sherlock Holmes and what the popular press at the time referred to as “The Cornish Horror,” but which I related under the title, “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot.” The story first saw publication in 1910 and has been reprinted several times since.

In the ensuing years I recorded recollections of some of the more curious and interesting experiences which I associate with my long and intimate friendship with the Great Detective—so many have I in fact recorded, that I begin to fear that I have no further tales to share with an avid and enthusiastic public, and that the well has at last run dry.

And perhaps it has run dry. Or nearly so. But not quite. For though my eyesight is failing and my hands are crippled with arthritis, I find myself impelled to describe an incident which occurred shortly following “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot,” and which is tangentially connected to it.

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