The Giant Rat Of Sumatra

Sherlock Holmes faces his strangest case yet. A gang of foreigners whose agenda is unclear leads Holmes and Watson on a desperate search of the infamous London docks!

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The Adventure Of The Vanished Women

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, at the request of Inspector Gregson of Scotland Yard, investigate the murder of one woman and the apparent abduction (or has she, too, been murdered?) of another.

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The Adventure Of The Four Napoleons

Sherlock, Mycroft and John square off as they share a meal.

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The Diogenes Club Mystery

Sherlock Holmes is drawn out of retirement by his most notable client yet—his brother Mycroft—to find a missing jeweled crown that disappeared from the Diogenes Club, an artifact that is not only valuable but holds the key to world peace!

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Who Wrote ‘The Adventure Of The Mazarin Stone'?

A Sherlock Holmes essay examining Point Of View.

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The Adventure Of My Very First Case

Jules Pfennig, former champion weasel warden and next door neighbor of Sherlock Holmes, recounts his first case.

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Sherlock Holmes And The Grim Reaper

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate the mysterious disappearance of a number of elderly men from boarding houses and homes for paupers. Holmes’s confrontation with “The Grim Reaper” nearly costs him his life.

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