Clowns on the Run

They said doing time was like a river. But a river was forgotten in the ocean. Paying for the past was nothing like a river.

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Keeper of the Flame

An interview with a blogger brings back some horrifying memories for the daughter of a deceased crime writer with a cult following.

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A Man Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

Bonnie is in love with a man she's never met, but she sees him on camera every time he drives through one of Florida's toll gates. She tries to think of ways they can be together, but can't do anything about it until his wife finally disappears.

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A Silver .38

Getting into the mob is easy, it's having a good plan to get out that's hard.

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How Mrs. Hitt Stopped Scrimping and Found Happiness With a Hit Man

Mrs. Hitt was a satisfied customer of her mysterious hit man. Then Detective Snapp threatened to ruin everything.

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Do Not Pass Go ...

A stranger arrives in a town and finds himself embroiled in corruption and murder.

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