Coal Black Haint

A young girl takes to the hills in rural Appalachia, but never comes back. When the sheriff goes looking for her, the search brings back painful memories of her own daughter's disappearance into the same hills. Are the two stories related?

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Problems Aren’t Stop Signs

Tori bet embezzled town money on old Air Force swampland, and now she's in deep. As in, fake a Bigfoot scare deep. Any go-getter knows the best thing to do in a hole is keep digging.

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Teddy Baer's Picnic

Dessert King Teddy Baer intends to retire and name his successor at his 65th birthday picnic, but his daughter Bronwyn and his several ex-wives decide to stage a hostile take-over.

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Police Chief Mike Ryan is having a hard night: a child has disappeared with no trace, an old enemy has just been released from prison, and a huge storm is on its way. And things are about to get even worse . . .

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Doctored Justice

An aspiring novelist comes across evidence that a man on death row may be innocent of the crime that put him there. Was justice served, or does justice sometimes need a little doctoring?

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The Money Mattress

JD was skeptical that the rich old woman kept her money in a mattress, but people did crazy things. Finding her dead on the mattress was another problem.

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