The Figurine

A lead figurine of The Grim Reaper leads a failed artist in New Orleans to madness and murder.

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Neon Nights

“Neon Nights” explores the age-old question, does the end justify the means? A burnt out, big city detective now working in a small southern town, has to ask herself just that when a serial killer and the FBI come to town.

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Two Taxis

Two thuggish-looking men. One feisty female. One overworked hotel concierge. Two waiting taxis in the French Rivera. What could go wrong?

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Golden Lives

Private Annalee Lincoln was overseas when her little brother Ike died. The police said it was a botched robbery and moved on, but Annalee can't. Now she's back in Sacramento, looking for answers.

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Cult of Personality

Some say a man's character is his most prized possession, but what of his sanity? John Fielding, a down-on-his-luck attorney, has just received the offer of a lifetime, but first he'll have to pass an interview testing the very fabric of his reality.

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The Case Of The Red Ribbons

Jewelry is being stolen. All employees are scanned for metal upon entering and exiting the premises. And yet, the jewelry is disappearing. Time for Captain Elias Young to call in his prime detectives, Bartholomew Blunt and Samuel Sharpe.

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Never Kidnap a Crime Novelist

The young couple who kidnap Martin, the author of the Buck Slammer detective series, successfully collect the ransom, but then discover their lives will never be quite the same again.

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