The Delta Princess

When drifter Luke Grayson is attacked by thugs in a small Southern town, he's rescued by a female worker at a nearby cotton plantation--but he soon discovers that his mysterious benefactor has plans that will change both their lives.

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The Earl

A disgraced ex-detective, a seaside flophouse, a favor for a friend...

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The Edge Of The World

In Hilo, Hawaii, criminal defense attorney Agnes Rodrigues finds murder at her front door.

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Mulch Ado About Plenty

Mrs. Bullock, neighborhood busybody, knows where the bodies are buried.

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A Real Detective

A traffic cop bites off more than he can chew when he stumbles upon a deadly scene in the Grand Canyon.

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A Murder of Crones

Never underestimate an old lady. And don’t turn your back on her either.

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The Story Game

People sometimes play games with themselves, but these games may be misleading.

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The Passenger

Pat Tierney is uneasy when her friend, Stéphane, agrees to give a stranger a lift on their return from an out-of-town job fair. An hour later, Pat wishes she'd voiced her objections.

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Try Again

Suzi, a pole dancer, loses her job. She's been duped and manipulated but will take a shot at reclaiming her dignity.

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Final Blow

One's a magician, the other a strongman in a Russian circus long ago. They have one shared interest: the magician's wife.

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