Golden Griffins

A teenage girl in Classical Athens (5th century BC) solves a crime, and saves a life.

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For a Better City

Combat medic Charlie Krill is in rehab, for just about everything. But he's sober now, and not about to let anyone take advantage of him.

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A Crack In The Sidewalk

A neighbor's slip-and-fall lawsuit disrupts a ten year-old boy's idyllic summer vacations of baseball and fun with his best friend. When the neighbor is killed by electrocution, the boy's father comes under suspicion of murder.

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If At First You Don't Succeed

No one could understand why anyone would want to kill Bruce Finnerman with an explosive package. Then when it was discovered that the hit was a bizarre accident, investigation led to the confirmation that truth is stranger than murder.

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The Devil in Sister Jones

The Devil in Sister Jones is a satirical story of a possession and an exorcism, or is that really what happens?

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The Trouble With Spiders

A woman moves into an apartment building and people start to die.

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Two Sharks Walk into a Bar

Chicago, July 1977: Two pool sharks, Meredith and Darren, think they'll score easy money when they walk into a bar and challenge two young men to doubles. But nothing is as it appears in this hustle . . .

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