Junior Hits The Big One

Retired layabout Junior Calandrillo is convinced he has hit the lottery. Buster Muller, the town's former police chief, is convinced Junior is the target of a scam.

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You're A Daisy If You Do

A teen boy and a stranger suspect his step-father of a series of murders. It will require the boy's nerdy obsession with Westerns to uncover the truth ...

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The Murder Of The Very Dead Victim

Jules Pfennig, erstwhile detective and next door neighbor to Sherlock Holmes, is drawn into a plot to murder an already dead woman.

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Confessions Of A NIMBY

A misanthrope tries to protect his property from a rapacious developer.

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Some Treats Are Nasty Tricks

A failed comedian needs money for his family. He goes out on Halloween to do his own trick or treating. Scores big only to find out he's been tricked.

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The Telltale Request

Vermont DJ Jaye Jordan takes a page from Edgar Allen Poe and flushes out a murderer with a song when her priest friend is put in an ethical bind.

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Beak House

Two bitter brothers squabble over their family's past and the long ago disappearance of a housemaid.

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Inspector Willoughby And The Sneak Thief

A cozy mystery version of an old fairy tale told from a new perspective.

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The Codicil

Amanda is very close to her anarchic grandmother, Bev. When Bev realizes she has only a few months to live, Amanda suggests a shocking prank they can play on the rest of the family. But what lengths will Amanda go to make the joke work?

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