Memento Mori

In Victorian London, private enquiry agent Adam Cole races to track down a killer who taunts and terrorizes with disturbing photographs of his victims, taken both before and after death.

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The Cardinal's Blade

At the height of the Renaissance, a shrewd churchman takes extraordinary steps to protect his family's good name from scandal.

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Shut Your Eyes And You'll Be Fine

Junior diplomat Casey Collins volunteers to work in a war-torn country and her nature gives her only two ways to manage the risk. Go numb and avoid trouble. Or live life with every nerve end tingling …

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So the Bible Says

Walter hates dirty cops and has already executed justice on three of them. Now it's time for a corrupt judge to pay.

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Minnie's Mincemeat Pie

Some people will do anything to win, but it's risky.

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Wolf's Eye Magic

A homeless man comes into possession of skeleton key that has special powers. The man uses the key to improve his situation but it seems he talked too much to the wrong person.

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Otherwise Known As …

Decades ago two strangers made mad love; he never knew she killed herself that same day ... until moments before he took a bullet in the neck, meant for the Marseilles accountant slow-mo diving beneath the table next to his.

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Some people are very good at their jobs. Just as long the instructions are kept nice and simple …

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