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Wolf's Eye Magic

by Don Herald

About the Author: Don Herald is a writer with fifteen publishing credits for his short stories that feature flawed characters who often decide to do the wrong thing for themselves and others. His work has been published on-line in the US, UK and Canada. A retired social worker and workplace behavior consultant, Don lives in Peterborough, Ontario.


This old skeleton key? Hard t’notice most times cuz it’s hangin’ round my neck.

Somethin’ special?

Not really. Well—suppose it’s special in some way. Least to me anyways.

Last March—you probably ’member when I was goin’ through that bad patch, a banker down at the TD—yeah, that one over on the corner—well, when he was heading inside, he dropped that key into my spare change hat.

‘You’ll be surprised what fortune it’ll bring you, Red’ he said.

He always called me Red. Back then my hair was more red-brown with a few white speckles through it. More on the white side o’ things now.

Anyways, that banker guy was laughin’ when he said them words, so I don’t put much stock in it.

You wanna hold it? Sure, here. Take a closer look. Notice anythin’?

Yeah, me too. Right off the bat, just like you. The damn thing’s givin’ off some heat. Not quite a burn but it’s pretty warm. Nothin’ else?

The top’s odd shape? Yeah. What’s it look like to you?

A wolf’s head? Now that’s real interestin’. I’d been thinkin’ more like a Lab’s head. But now you says it, does seem more wolf than dog.

Ok, I’m gonna tell you somethin’. It’s a bit weird but hear me out.

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