Hundred-Year Flood

Massive flooding disinters bodies from a small town's cemeteries. In the wake of this horrific event, someone is leaving a trail of new bodies, and the local sheriff must race to figure out who--or what--is to blame.

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Yelena Tried to Kill Me

Falling in love with a woman who’s “too good to be true” sometimes comes with risks far greater than heartbreak.

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In Plain Sight

A library assistant intercedes when her supervisor tries to cheat the facility out of its due.

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Actual Stop

The US Secret Service has a zero-fail mission. But what happens when an agent does fail?

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Vulgax9 on Earth

The story of an alien explorer who comes with a warning, only to find Earth's inhabitants are too paralyzed with fear to talk to her.

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Disciplining Temptress Fugit

Who killed a rapacious groom at Saratoga Race Course? Could it have been the stallion he cared for?

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Dear Miss Proudlove

Harold French is not a pervert, just a man with a rash. It's comical, really, all just a big misunderstanding, and Harold can prove it.

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Skimming Joey Lemons

After killing her mob-enforcer husband, Christina calls her father for help. Her old-fashion dad uses a modern technology to extract revenge and keep mob boss Joey Lemons off her trail.

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Three Cheers for Molly Sullivan

Although highly unlikely to attempt a cartwheel, for fear of spilling the contents of her purse, Molly Sullivan refuses to be sidelined at a cheerleading camp. Her sleuthing skills are front and center.

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