Warren Pace, CIA

Warren Pace is the CIA's most senior field agent, and has a wealth of experience—if he can remember it.

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The Ghost of Billy the Kid

A Native American sheriff gets some unlikely help solving a murder mystery -- from the ghost of Billy the Kid.

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A hitman gets more than he bargained for when he accepted a job to take out a guy named Nick.

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Death, Honor and the Ordovices

A Roman soldier's gruesome murder threatens the legion's honor and a precarious peace with a conquered, but still hostile Celtic tribe.

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The Body In The Backyard

Finally, after thirty years, a mysterious disappearance is solved by retired LAPD Detective Cliff Stover—or maybe not.

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A Death in the House of Imhotep

When Lord Imhotep's cook is found murdered, it sets of a chain of events that his young cousin Anitepsut seeks to unravel before a friend loses her life.

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