It's Always Midnight

When a peculiar man is observed at the scene of several seemingly unrelated deaths, a jaded New York City police detective must uncover the dark connection between the stranger and the fatalities.

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The Dust Thief

Set in the early 1950s, a bitter travelling vacuum salesman is attempting to try and sell the device to homes around central California. Though he fails at selling any, he discovers that his demonstrations are inadvertently sucking up a surprise.

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Suddenly, Everything Went Black

A detective investigating the missing Von Radium tiara gets smacked on the head a few too many times to make any sense of things.

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The Last Noel

When Grannie Forbes falls face first into the Christmas pudding, no one in the family is particularly sorry, but soon the questions begin. Did someone take a hand to ensure that this was her last Noel?

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Gut Instinct

Private investigator Alonzo Probe is feeling pretty good on the eve of 1975. He’s had a financially lucrative first year as a full-time investigator. Driving home from his latest job, he spots a former lover fighting with a man.

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Five Finger Christmas

The holiday season is a wonderful time, but there's always someone who has to go and ruin everyone else's fun ...

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The Adventure Of The Black Barnacle

Professor Moriarty convinces detective and next door neighbor to Sherlock Holmes to steal a precious jewel. Moriarty has an even more sinister goal in mind.

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