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Going To The Dogs

by C. Flynt

About the Author: C. Flynt is the husband/wife writing pair of Clif and Carol Flynt. Their work may be found in Unidentified Funny Object and Atthis Arts anthologies.


The dame paraded to my office like trouble on two legs. She had fists on her hips, and a big question on her lips.

Answering big questions is one of the things I'm good at.

"Who's a good dog?"

That would be me.

"Who's the bestest puppy?"

Again, that would be me.

"Who chewed my slippers?"

I'd like to take the fifth on that.

Today's question was a tough cookie to crunch.

"Who dumped the garbage?"

This question wasn't as simple as it sounded. I'd have just claimed it wasn't me, except, as everyone knows, you can't prove a negative.

She glared at me as if I were the garbage strewn across the drive. "I'll clean it up this time, but if it gets dumped again, there's going to be trouble. Do you get me, Dogbreath?"

'Dogbreath' meant trouble.

The tone of voice meant big trouble.

I had to solve this case and solve it fast.

I headed to the scene of the crime and sniffed around. There was plenty of evidence. One big scent that didn't belong. One joker that wasn't part of my deck.

"Get your nose out of the garbage! You're not helping."

Story Comments

Feb 20 - Helen Kreeger


Feb 20 - Susan Kuchinskas

OMG this is a great story. I love dogs but usually don't like cutesy dog detectives. These guys nailed it.

Feb 20 - Tina

Absolutely fantastic!! Clever, witty, humorous and ingenious! Doggone great story!

Feb 21 - Frances Dunn

I am a dog lover and we have had many dogs within the family. I loved this humorous mystery, and the dog behavior is right on. Great job.,.

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