The Maintainer Of Diaries

A retired police detective wants to solve the one real mystery he ever ran into. A used bookshop, some diaries and the patrons who disappeared without a trace.

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The Brimley/Cocoon Line

Competition between childhood friends can be fun. But when the same friend wins time after time, the fun of it can fade ...

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The Intersection

Careful who you trust with the stash.

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Going To The Dogs

Being a private eye in this town is a dog's life.

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A giant man who collects for a loan shark wakes up one morning and discovers he has somehow grown breasts and, to quote Seinfeld, they are spectacular.

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The Misanthropist

A man disappears off the West Coast of Ireland while on a solo fishing trip. He is presumed dead. The family are looking forward to spending the inheritance but is everything as it seems?

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Wet Work

Shane Decker and two of his criminal cohorts sit in a darkened van parked in the dead space between streetlights, watching a large Victorian property and waiting for the moment they can break in and rob the place. But there's a surprise in store.

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Dress Rehearsal

Death rewrites the script when a group of actors rehearse before opening night.

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Everybody's Business

Pulling off a crime is tough anywhere. In a small town it can be downright dangerous.

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