Slow News Day

A SWAT team in Maryland prepares to deliver a load of marijuana and capture the recipients. What could possibly go wrong? More than you can imagine.

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A Chicken-Fried Mistake

The best laid plans of mice or men often go awry. Can a couple of determined young women do any better?

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The Three Thieves

Eleanor and Felix board the Canadian Flyer, a special Christmas-in-July Literary Rail Journey and find themselves in the middle of a book theft farce.

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The Waiting Room

Just about everyone in the country knew that aside from Lizzie Borden, Bridget Sullivan was the most important witness in the case.

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You Get What You Get

An old man, a dog, and a fatal accident on a steep and winding trail may not be quite what you get.

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Mexican Radio

A regular business dispute over a border radio station turns out to be a love triangle, with private eye Marteens on the fourth corner.

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Better Than a Dating App

Benny needs a new girlfriend, and she can’t be just anyone. At an opportune time, in a moment of recognition, he meets his match in a test of gamesmanship and skill.

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Michael O'Shay And The Missing Wife

A beloved policeman in an Irish hamlet gives chase to a jealous, and armed, husband, on the hunt for the alleged paramour who made off with his wife.

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