A Bad Bet at Château Bleue

On her honeymoon, her husband keeps delaying their departure for business while asking her to trust him. But as the days pass, the second Madame Toussaint wonders how well she knows her husband.

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Standing in the Strike Zone

Charlie's team loses the softball championship game thanks to constant bad calls by the umpire. When that umpire is beaten to death with Charlie's baseball bat, Charlie realizes he'll have to clear his name without the help of the cops.

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The General's Daughter

A young woman in a Gulf country stops an assassination of a foreign leader. By doing so she saves her family's honor and safeguards her own prospects.

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The Pizza Job: To Go

In a city where it's tough even for the rats, one pulls off such a notable heist, the architect of the robbery becomes a dubious celebrity.

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Three Dark Riders

Outlawy Blackheart Bart's three sons arrive in Dustville intent on killing the sheriff they accuse of killing their father. They kidnap the local schoolmarm to force the sheriff to a shootout with each of them. Love and justice triumph.

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I Don't Like Mondays

In the haunting echoes of the Boomtown Rats' song, trouble ensues.

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Fake As Its Namesake

Mystery novelist Lily Fontaine's most avid fan suspects that the author did not write her latest novel. Her conclusion -- Ms. Fontaine must have been murdered by her husband who is now impersonating his late wife in print.

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No Good Deed

When her best friend from childhood, Chloe Ambrose Odeon, is murdered, P.I. Helen McCorkendale promises Chloe's daughter she'll find the killer.

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