Cocaine Cowboy

A down-on-his-luck country singer is robbed after a gig, rescued by a bartender, and then finds himself involved with robbery, murder, and more.

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I'm Not Roger Whitley Simmons

How does one get into contract killing, even if it is State and Federally sanctioned, and indeed initiated?

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The Dead Girl And The Rock

A detective tries to solve the murder of a fae, despite her being considered a second class citizen. He pursues the investigation even when his coworkers encourage him to let it go.

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Lactose Intolerance

The office break room becomes a murder scene.when Dot Barrows refuses to stop stealing a co-worker's food.

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The Black Scarf

A busy highway in Southern France, an empty rest area to wait out a menacing thunderstorm, a mysterious woman—then the deluge begins ...

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The Adventure Of Cecil Scumbleby

Great Aunt Edna has been stabbed to death, leaving behind a tremendous fortune. A nefarious plot is clearly afoot, and Cecil Scumbleby intends to get to the bottom of it.

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A Preference For Shadows

A corrupt FBI analyst blackmails an assassin into doing a job for him.

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Bridge To Nowhere

Greenizan stands on a bridge in the pouring rain, contemplating the river below, and wonders what the hell Murphy is doing with his car.

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