Lady Dick

Samantha was a spy and assassin in the war. But now it’s 1947, and she’s trying to make an honest living as a private eye, seducing women’s husbands to give them grounds for divorce. But the cold war is starting, and someone has a more dangerous job

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Mop Jockey

After witnessing a hate crime on the graveyard shift, a janitor takes it upon himself to seek retribution and blurs the line between justice and revenge.

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A Detour Down Memory Lane

To what lengths would Molly Sullivan go to assist a blood relative claiming to be in potential jeopardy? Even if she wanted to help, could she adequately adapt her urban sleuthing skills to a rural setting?

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The Motor Court

The sweet old granny in room six wasn’t supposed to find the body. But 86-year-old Betty had as good a motive as anyone for killing the man.

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A Ship Called Pandora

Years ago, Tosh Molloy made the change from intergalactic smuggler to Witness Protection Marshal. She's particularly good at making people disappear. But now a troublesome Showgirl client threatens to upend Tosh’s perfect record…

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When a deal goes bad you’ve only got once choice. Get in deeper. It’s the only way to protect the ones you love.

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