Capes and Masks

New York private eye Eddie Shane has a secret. He is actually Captain Courage, a superhero. And, now, he has a problem. Two other superheroes have died mysteriously in the last week, including his close friend Blade Mistress. Eddie might be next.

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Remote Storage

From the light in the hallway, John Connelly saw a pork chop hand inch through the attached shards of glass in the window frame of the door and reach for the doorknob and the lock.

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The Illusion Of Control

People like to feel as if they're in control of their own destinies ... but that's not always the reality. ...

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The Will and Wayne Show

Will and Wayne are losers looking for a big score. What they get is big alright, but not exactly a score.

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Dinner And ...

A fan of murder mystery dinner theaters stars in her own murder game.

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Speak of the Devil

A side-trip into rural Florida turns deadly.

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The Impatient Inmate

Caleb Hunter escaped from prison with ten days left to serve and then turned himself in the next day. Everyone thought it pretty damn stupid. But Hunter had a plan, and it wasn’t stupid.

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Murderer's Paradise

When a print of a legendary, long-lost motion picture produced by a genuine Hollywood maverick is discovered, it's a film-buff's dream, at least until an attempted screening results in murder. What could be in the old movie that is worth killing for?

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