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The Will and Wayne Show

by Adam Chase

About the Author: Adam Chase is the pseudonym of an award-winning author of over a dozen books. He writes mystery fiction for fun and can be reached at


Dewey’s Diner had a small but loyal clientele. Its food wasn’t the greatest, but what it lacked in quality, it made up for in quantity. Its claim to fame was “The Dewey Dig,” meaning that every customer could count on having to dig through a pile of fries to find his sandwich. As marketing strategies go, it was genius. New customers were often so busy marveling at the amount of fries heaped on their plates that it never occurred to them to think about whether they were very good.

And then there was the fact that Dewey’s had a well-deserved reputation as a survivor. The place had been serving up calories and cholesterol to hungry customers for over fifty years. It had weathered wars, storms, floods, recessions, and even a fire in 1998. Dozens of fancier establishments had come and gone while Dewey’s, like Ol’ Man River, just kept rolling along.

During the typical lunch shift Dewey’s was about three-quarters full. Such was the case on a Thursday when Will Pinkney and Wayne Corbin sauntered in and selected a booth in the back. Thinking themselves hilarious, they had started referring to their friendship as The Will and Wayne Show because just about everything they did, they did together. This included being a two-man team of flooring installers for a couple of local carpet and tile outlets. But their real specialties were getting tats, drinking beer, smoking pot, and ogling women. On this particular day, it was the latter that was on their minds.

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