Great Day to be Alive

A NYC corpse actress is taken hostage with her old boyfriend and taps in to her roots to save herself and find she can play the role of perpetrator.

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Murder, My Suite

When a post-depression era private investigator takes on a hush-hush job in a high-rise hotel, he has to deal with misdeeds on the upper floors. Do those count as high crimes?

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Pythagoras the Dog is Missing

At first, the break-in at Dr. Kulkarni's veterinary clinic looks like another salvo in Dr. K's war with local pet snatchers. But the missing dog is a celebrity, and the kidnappers' identity and motivations are not what anyone would think.

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True Garbage

Richard is living in denial as a fraud, making a living as a motivational speaker and professional coach. He has inherited his dead father's house and the secrets that come with it. Though he tries to hide it, the truth gets dug up, literally.

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The First Apartment

Newlyweds encounter an unexpected and terribly annoying neighbor that requires some creative handling.

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To The Castle Borne

A gig driver delivers a surprising solution to a home invasion robbery and displays her talents for deduction.

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When a Slip-and-Fall Guy tries his grift in the wrong family-themed restaurant, he becomes a very unwitting pawn in a battle between gangsters and feds.

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