Lost and Found

DI Williamson and DC Page begin an investigation to find an entrepreneur who vanished without trace after visiting Carson’s Gymnasium.

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Humble Servant

A self-ordained preacher, Samuel Harris, ministers to the lost and suffering, those not on the path of righteousness. His charge is to save those souls and deliver them to salvation, be they criminal or otherwise.

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Sweet Gum Head

A bad man is on the run, lost deep in the maze of Florida swamps and back roads. Unfortunately for him, whatever he's running from is nowhere near as bad as what he's about to run in to.

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The First Law Of Plumbing

A pair of home invaders learn that things don't always work out for the best.

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No One Goes Out To Eat Anymore

Freelance mailman Mercury Carter finds himself in Toronto on a feel-good mission delivering an elderly woman's once-lost locket, when an alarming comment by the woman about her health leads him down a dark path of rescue.

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Words on Wheels

Victoria Huptmann and her Border collie Maximillian spend winters driving Words on Wheels from RV park to RV park along the Texas coast, selling new and used books to Snowbirds escaping Midwestern winters. Then one of her customers is murdered.

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Eye On The Ball

A package stolen off a doorstep in a small town keeps trading hands as a group of criminals try to track it down.

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When Baby Cows Go Bad

Set at a Cajun State University: “Most of what we university police officers handle aren’t serious matters, then again, when I was NOPD, we got our share of ‘barking dog’ and ‘cat in a tree’ calls. But no baby cows chasing co-eds.”

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The Affair of the Wayward Schoolmaster

Holmes and Watson investigate a popular school teacher who turned to armed robbery.

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