Swimming With Sharks

Gordon Stark enlists the help of his third wife’s tennis instructor to ease her out of the picture so he can pursue wife number four. What he eases himself out of is half his fortune.

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Gate Of Hades

American tourists on a tour of southern Greece have an unsettling experience at the traditional gate of Hades. A strange death follows.

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They Always Took Longer

After freelance courier Mercury Carter is hired to escort a climate change with a target on his back across the country, Carter encounters dangerous—but unexpected—complications.

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Bill and Jason are friends, and one of them dated one of the victims the night she was murdered. But it all works out in the end. At least for one of them.

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Death And Deception At The Codwall Inn

A former district attorney, attending a wedding at an Upstate New York venue, finds himself the unwitting investigator of the bride's untimely death.

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Sky Pirate Of The Golden Age

A young boy becomes a unique eyewitness to a legendary crime. The skyjacker Robin Skye was never caught. But one witness saw him, truly saw him in more ways than one. And, more importantly, HEARD him.....

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