Love on the Rocks

While tending bar, Karin reads the lips of two men planning a murder. She's never seen them before and nobody else heard them, so how can she stop them before someone dies?

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The Woman Who Sat on a House

While she was housesitting for a friend in an unfamiliar neighborhood, people-watching seemed like a perfectly harmless pastime for an amateur sleuth. Then something untoward happened next door.

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Queen And Country

An ultra-valuable tropical spider has popped up in the French badlands, where no tropical spider should ever survive. Legend-in-his-own-mind arachnologist Nick Torthwaite is on the hunt. He’s out of his element, too.

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The Lexicon Case

An investigator goes undercover to discover why four ex-employees of the Lexicon Corporation committed crimes they do not remember committing.

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Low Budget Mystery Story

Talk is cheap, but stories are expensive. Our tale won't last long, and neither will its protagonist.

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Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted

A Christmas trip to London turns bleak for William and Evangeline Posters.

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Bag Man

An ambulance crew is summoned to a lonely street where they find a bullet-ridden ambulance. There, they find a dying man with a large stash of money.

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