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Love on the Rocks

by Steve Liskow

About the Author: Steve Liskow has been a finalist for both the Edgar Award and the Shamus Award, and has won the Black Orchid Novella Award twice. His stories have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine, and several anthologies. His thirteenth novel, Before You Accuse Me, will appear in January 2018.


A couple vacated the stools just as the two men walked in, and they plunked themselves down before the cushions had time to cool. The taller man played with the toothpicks, the cocktail napkins, the coasters, the salted peanuts and everything else in reach. The other guy watched Karin approach.

“Gentlemen, what can I get you?”

“Grey Goose martini, up with olives.” The tall guy crunched a peanut. His twitchy hands made Karin think of a spider on crack.

“Dirty, dry or regular?” Karin gave him her best smile and he didn’t even notice.

“Uh, just whatever you usually do.” The guy took another peanut.

“And you, sir?”

“Club soda, thanks.” The man’s face was so bland Karin might not remember him when she brought back the drinks. “Lots of ice.”

“Want a twist?”

“Sure, knock yourself out.”

The two college kids at the far end would need another brew soon, but not yet. The redhead sipped his so carefully Karin wondered if he had money for another one.

The Bengals led the Lions by a touchdown. Karin cared about football less than she cared about quantum mechanics, but the guys wanted their Monday night football. Keep them happy, keep them served, keep them tipping. During the school year, Karin could only do three nights a week, so every dime mattered.

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Mar 3 -  Bob

I enjoyed this story very much.

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