The Florida Regiment

A darkly humorous piece about a former police detective based in Miami, Florida, who quit the force and her alcohol abuse problem, intending to turn over a new leaf. But her past quickly catches up with her in strange and unexpected ways.

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Death Under the Dragon Prow

When a Viking chief is found murdered aboard his ship, the brewing storm is the least of the dangers facing his wife. Far from shore and surrounded by cut-throats, she must find the killer – to avenge her husband and escape with her life.

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The White Box

A man is grilled by the DEA as he retrieves the ashes of his brother, whose bomb killed a drug boss and himself. Except he's alive. So who, or what, is in the box of ashes?

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What Mr. Leonard Said

The death under mysterious circumstances of the narrator's beloved Texas middle school teacher triggers a series of slayings of particular resonance in the Lone Star State.

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The Whisperers

Ivory Roberts learns that his 9 year old neighbor has a mysterious illness, but it is not the illness that is likely to take his life. The real danger comes from others who surround him including his doctors.

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The Big Seal

It's a race against time in Boston when a self-revered notary public must save the justice system.

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