In the far future, professional thief and grifter Rali Ribhu seeks to unravel the mystery of a killer who seems to be targeting his relatives. He must team up with his sister Ypstall, an investigator regarded as the black sheep of the family.

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The Path of Least Resistance

The crew of a mining ship falls short of a safety inspector's standards.

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You Must Remember This

A hitman learns the art behind the kiss of death from a virtuoso.

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Lily's Story

Two newspaper reporters on assignment in the 1890s stumble onto a much bigger and more complicated story.

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The Mapplethorpe Challenge

An eccentric old millionaire bequeaths his fortune to anyone who can rise to a seemingly impossible challenge: kill him, prove it, and avoid being prosecuted.

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The Secret

An unfaithful wife with an unscrupulous lover believes she has committed the perfect crime.

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The Final Nail

Alex is an unlicensed private eye and fixer for the denizens of LA's infamous early 80s punk scene. When a friend's sister goes missing several days after being violently attack, Alex and his righthand man Rad comb the LA underground for her.

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Death at the Samosa Cafe

When a coworker's found dead in her mother's Samosa cafe in Sherman Oaks, Saira wonders if someone too close for comfort could be responsible.

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