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To kill and kill is the only way this aged employee can get ahead.

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In Walked a Lady

An Elizabethan law student investigates a curious case.

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Mrs Walker and the Lady in the Laundry

Curious old Mrs Walker investigates the death of the local barmaid when the killer dumps the body in her back garden.

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The Montclair Dead-Star Comedy Revue

Jackie Plumm is the hottest television star of 1950, but when he turns up murdered, it's up to Buddy Barker, his comedy stooge, to find out who wanted his boss dead: the mob, the government, or one of his co-workers.

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Little David

In the six years I spent looking for David Alamont, it never occurred to me that I might actually find him.

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The Tattooed Corpse

Two thousand dollars richer and with a dead client, John LeGrand must now find what happened.

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