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Mrs Walker and the Lady in the Laundry

by Katie Ginger

About the Author: Katie is an aspiring freelance writer, living on the south coast of England and is working on her debut novel. Her mystery short story, 'Murder Upstairs' will shortly be published in 'Why?' an anthology of mystery stories by Zimbell Publishing.


When Mrs Walker stepped into her garden at precisely 7:10 am on a bright, July morning, she did not expect to see a dead body tied up in her washing line.

Her chest tightened in surprise and she scowled. Not only was the blue, puffy face unpleasant to look at, but it was also incredibly inconvenient. Mrs Walker hadn’t made time in her schedule for a dead body, or interviews with the police, for that matter. She bit the inside of her cheek. Though retired, she had her routine to consider.

Every day, Mrs Walker rose promptly at 6:30 am and would be washed and dressed by 7 am, sharp. By 7:10 am, she’d be checking the garden, cup and saucer in hand, (no mugs please, she is not, after all, a tradesman), and by 8 am she would have eaten a light breakfast and be waiting for the number 127 bus to town. You see, the library opens promptly at 9 am and Mr Grosvenor is a devil for nabbing the best books if you don’t get there on time.

The old lady ran a hand through her sleek, bobbed brown hair and stared at the woman’s body. She took a sip of her tea. The poor things hands were tied either side of her head and the washing line was wrapped around her neck. She wore what can only be described as ‘tarts’ clothes on her more than ample frame. Her skirt was three inches too short and her neckline barely covered a bosom that, when alive, heaved even if the owner hadn’t intended it to.

Mrs Walker tutted, brushed down her clothes and turned on her heel, silently cursing. With a rather petulant look on her face, she headed inside to call the police.

Story Comments

May 23 - Scott Merrow

Great story! Nice mystery with just the right amount of complexity. Fun, believable characters. An easy, enjoyable read.

May 23 - Jane Sherman

Your story was totally captivating. I should be working and only intended to glance at it and read it later, but couldn't stop. Congratulations!

May 23 - Joseph G. Norcross

Excellent characters and story line. Author should try a full novel.

May 23 - Don Herald

I enjoyed the characterizations. The characters were very believable and I could easily picture them in my mind as I read of their 'investigation'. The beginning scene - the situation of the body in the garden and the habits of Mrs Walker immediately captured my attention and drew me further into the story. I thought the determination of the murder happened a bit too quickly and I would have liked to have read more twists and turns in the plot at the end. But... it was a fun read nevertheless.

May 24 - Rosemary Gemmell

Loved this story and characters - a new Miss Marple in the making!

May 24 - Nancy Sweetland

An excellent and fun read. The characters are believable and just right for the story - I could see this as one of a number of stories involving the same characters. Love the 'English phrases' that are so intriguing to an American.

May 28 - Sarah Glenn

Charming story! I enjoyed all of the details.

May 29 - Frances Dunn

Excellent story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

May 30 - Elizabeth Varadan

This was a lovely story, well-told. Excellent characterizations, great dialogue, and a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed it so much.

Jun 3 - Maureen Keimig

I enjoyed reading your story. I think Mrs. Walker and Jane Marple would have gotten along well together. I liked Tilly and Mr. Miller and how they interacted with Mrs. Walker.

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