Slice Of Life

Be wary of Lucy One-Way, who fears anything left-handed: she even avoids making left turns. At Furr's Cafeteria, where she works the line, she keeps her phobia controlled—until a tour bus full of hungry New Orleans Saints fans overwhelms the buffet.

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Sometimes Trigger

Sometimes Trigger is the story of a dog, and of the lengths even men in society's underbelly will go to preserve their own sense of honor in the world, as skewed as both might be.

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Fool Me Once

Riddle: When is a door not a door? Answer: When it’s ajar. In his checkered career private eye Tony Atti has committed his share of blunders, but entering a house with its door ajar might prove his last.

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The Big Thaw

When an Inuit man must accompany his disabled father on his yearly trip out to sea, the quixotic quest becomes a confrontation with dark secrets from the past.

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A convicted drunk driver celebrates the end of his forced sobriety by hiring an unusual driving service.

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A Crummy Way to Die

An undertaker turns up dead in his own funeral parlor.

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The Damn Rodents Are Everywhere

Have you ever wanted to kill somebody? I have. I did. It was glorious. My problem was the damn body went missing. Yep, the damn thing up and vanished.

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Double Dipping

When Lightfinger Louie Levoy accidentally lifts the wallet of a homicide detective near the scene of a murder, he puts his life in danger.

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The Cost of Living

It's 1972, and Frank Wolf, a Holocaust survivor and private eye, along with his grandson, investigate the murder of a Brooklyn butcher.

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