Reciprocal Privileges

Albert Seaton, an Australian visitor to London, checks in to the eccentric Palladium Club in Mayfair, using his reciprocal privileges from his own private club in Sydney. He's in England on business, and the business includes a sniper rifle.

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On The Road Again

Harry is feeling a sense of urgency to identify the perpetrator in a recent murder case, but a shortage of suspects is proving to make it a difficult process.

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Circling the Drain

A small-town newspaperman struggles with the realization a deceased friend might have been be a long-sought-after serial killer.

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Return of The Velvet Noodle

A brilliant British private detective is forced back into solving mysteries.

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Lita's List

Beneath the toes, the sand. Beneath the sand, who knows? Detectorist Mitch Mitchell combs the sand, biding his time, looking for lost treasures. When a helpless friend of his gets arrested for murder, he investigates.

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Catch And Release

All this poor homicide detective wants is a little time off and a quiet place to fish, but dead people just keep screwing with him.

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Flour Dusted And Pan Glossed

The bank heist is way off plan. Easton, the crew's fourth man and a died-in-the-wool bright sider, refuses to let a police stand-off get him down.

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Filthy Looker

Tim Chadwick is a former cop just barely keeping a handle on his alcoholism. When a fellow barfly asks him for help recovering stolen property, it leads to encounter with the local gang and their fearsome enforcer.

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