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The Body Pillow

by J. R. Underdown

About the Author: J.R. Underdown has been writing stories for over 15 years and dipped his toes into multiple genres, including mystery, Westerns, sci-fi, and fantasy. He has independently published a YA fantasy novel (Plethora) and a collection of poetry (Seasons So Far). He has also written for movie, entertainment, and music sites, providing thoughtful critique and insights. He currently lives in Kansas City, MO with his wife and child.


It was clear that poor old Geoffrey (“Geo” as we called him) was dead. Quite clear and quite dead. I could go on a Dickensian rant about how dead the poor chap was but simple facts will suffice. He lay there sprawled out in spread-eagle fashion with wide, staring, vacant eyes and clean-shaven jaw agape. We barely noticed him due to the fact that he blended in so well with the sitting room floor.

The sitting room held the honor of being the most eccentric spot in the mansion, with great bookshelves lining one wall, a massive fireplace and myriad of paintings on the other, and a plethora of colorful furniture everywhere in between. The large window at the end of the room looked out over the late Geo’s estate of sprawling green hills and trees and a well-stocked lake for fishing. As for the former master of such wealth, he lay in the center of the room like a lumpy rug or an odd body pillow. I suppose at that point he could be used as a body pillow with proper taxidermy and—no! Perish the thought! That is much too morose.

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