The Adventure of the Abominable Inn

An episode that occurred while the world considered Sherlock Holmes but a shade pursuing houseboats upon the Styx …

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Of Course He Pushed Him

This pastiche takes an alternate look at a famous fictional world. What would happen if one of fiction's most beloved characters were suspected of murdering his best friend?

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The Murderous Wood

It’s 1917 in London when T.S. Eliot the poet meets Sir James Frazer the religious anthropologist to help Captain Robert Graves who has been accused of a ritual murder while on leave from the Western Front during WWI.

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The Case of the Final Interview

The Holmes we know may not have been all we thought, nor Dr. Watson …

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The Two-Body Problem

In a tight job market, some academics will do anything to land a gig …

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Casualty of the Bidding War

John Watson and Martha Hudson attempt to solve a murder without the assistance of their famous friend.

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Hemingway's Hat

How far will a desperate writer go to find the inspiration he craves?

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Rousseau's Children

On the morning of a politically motivated execution, a young journalist sees a chance for the condemned to be exonerated.

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The Adventure of the Seven Nooses

Only Sherlock Holmes can decipher the deadly message concealed within a grisly collection of seven nooses delivered to a terrified client ... though the message, even the entire case, might prove to be something other than what it seems.

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Being an Account of ‘Bull-dog’ Drummond’s Finally Final Round with Carl Petersen.

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The Body Pillow

He started the evening as their rich host and ended it murdered. Or ... was he murdered?

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