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The Adventure of the Seven Nooses

by Michael Mallory

About the Author: Michael Mallory is the Derringer-winning author of the “Amelia Watson” and “Dave Beauchamp” mystery series, plus some 140 short stories and eleven nonfiction books. His most recent mystery thriller is "Death Walks Skid Row." An entertainment journalist by day, Michael lives in the greater Los Angeles area.


During my long and fruitful association with Mr Sherlock Holmes I have recorded many of his adventures for publication, and have been gratified by the reading public’s response. Those three-score of factual tales do not, however, represent the entirety of cases upon which Holmes has laboured, nearly always with my assistance and observation. Several have not been set down by me for a variety of reasons. On occasion they have involved a matter of social or political delicacy which mandated their concealment. In other instances Holmes accepted a case that proved to be so simply and easily solved that it, in my opinion, lacked the necessary drama and fascination to hold a reader. Then there were those cases whose specifics were so outré as to challenge the belief of any potential reader.

I can recall only one, however, that remained suppressed simply because Holmes wished it so. But the fact that some three decades have passed since the events of that adventure took place argues that continued silence regarding its aspects, as well as the facet of Holmes’s character it reveals, has become moot.

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