A Dark Place On The Strand

A hit man hired to kill a client's wife makes a better deal for himself, but learns the hard way that double-crosses can backfire.

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Weather Days

Everybody thinks they know what happened to Becky the day the tornado struck Hadleyville, Alabama. Her brother has a different idea, one he keeps buried...except for those days when the skies boil over with black clouds and thunder shakes the ground.

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After a stroke, a lover of music develops a recognized disorder called

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Absence Of Evidence

Treka Dunn, an investigator with the Medical Examiner's office, doesn't believe Ron Washburn when he claims his father was murdered. All the evidence points to natural causes. But then Ron mentions one seemingly minor detail that changes everything.

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Full Service

Hank was a crippled old man living alone in a dying desert town. The gunman thought he was helpless....

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Ghost Of A Ghost

P.I. Phillip Prince learns that his client is trying to kill him—even after the client's death.

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The Butler Didn't Do It

If P.G. Wodehouse's Jeeves solved a crime, then it might be a story similar to this cozy.

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A Man Of Conscience

A man of conscience, with murder on his mind meets a terrorist.

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