Last Island

Danny Bluestone, a young Northern Ranger, is on a pilot project in Fort Frances. A local politician asks him to check out a break-in at a nearby ice fishing hut. He agrees and heads off with a new recruit on a fatal mission.

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PI Barry Pool passes on a job from a would-be client he finds smug and arrogant. When the guy dies in a hit-and-run, Pool is curious, and learns that his dislike for him was widely shared, including by his wife, who may have had him knocked off.

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His Last Duchess

This is not a gothic novel. The house is sunny and beautiful. The newlyweds are in love. Everything is perfect.

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The Affair Of The Bewildering Bell

Ace detective and next door neighbor to Sherlock Holmes, Jules Pfennig, is recruited to investigate his most baffling case yet—the mystery behind a miraculous church bell.

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Barnie Brewster's Body Begone Bureau

When the fellow members of the Strawberries Club ask Barnie Brewster for help covering their crimes, a new potentially profitable sideline is born.

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On Ice

During an annual ice fishing trip, an elderly ice fisher finds out who her friends are...and aren't.

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Tricoteuse At The Knitting Boutique

This is a story inspired by the subversive power of women. It ends violently (so that is a trigger warning) but speaks of the injustices women have been suffering in a world, a history, largely created and controlled by men.

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