All Her Diamond Rings

An auto-mechanic and former car thief gets an opportunity from an unlikely source.

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Corpse Cake

In 1843 London, legendary--some say notorious--thief-taker Vicar Brekonridge encounters Athelney Cribbins, a law clerk and surreptitious sin-eater, who has a curious story to tell about a possible murder.

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Cold Turkey

Harley is doing community service and trying to be a Good Boy. Then two bank robbers on the run break in and take a classmate hostage. What's a guy with a nose ring gonna do?

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The Pink Coat

Amelia, a 17-year old, heads South for spring break on a Greyhound bus and is lured into the world of crime in the Cleveland bus station.

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Trouble At First Sight

A private eye’s search for a young girl’s stolen dog leads him to a shack at the edge of a swamp, where things are not as they appear, and where survival depends on determining who is friend, and who is foe.

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How Do I Get to Mount Julep?

Fancy Mike was murdered last week on my watch. I was tasked to find out what happened. This was a job for a younger buck.

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Zen Man's Sandbag

Zen master who can move through solid substances cons bank robbers.

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